Cinnamon Ultimate Range - 21.5-22 inches / 54.5-56 cm

Product number: U08
Product information "Cinnamon Ultimate Range - 21.5-22 inches / 54.5-56 cm"
Invisible tape: The hair is injected into the tape, for Fine Thin Hair.

Virgin Remy Raw Material Human Hair.
Seamless1 source the hair from all over the world and only use Braided Virgin Remy hair in our production (Prior to our coloring process). The closest you will get to natural hair.
A great alternative to introducing color into your hair.
Ombre and Balayage done in minutes without damaging your real hair, while adding thickness and length.
Ideal for instant Volume , Length , Colour and Confidence
Hair Length: 21.5 inches / 54.5-56cm
Tape Size: 4cm x 0.8cm
Quantity per Pack : 10 pieces
Weight: 24-25 grams
Enhanced with Medical Grade S1 Super Tape which lasts over 8 weeks once applied
Can be re-taped
Easy to apply in under 30 minutes!
Ideal for price sensitive fashionistas
Life Span is 4 to 6 months in client’s hair with re-taping every 6 to 10 weeks.

We recommend you use S1 hair care range for Ultimate result. Otherwise , discuss with us an alternative so you can get the most out of your extensions.
Ultimate Double Drawn is ideal for frequent extension users – clients that want thicker longer natural hair all the way to the end. Can help every girl achieve her Victoria secret look.